Friday, July 6, 2012

Prize Preview for #Kitpawty

Ladies and Gentlepals, we present a sneal peek at some of the superb gifts donated to #Kitpawty our fund raiser to help dear friend @BabyPatches. See below.........

It certainly is Christmas in July. We are very proud to announce :- we have TWO $50 gift cards from wonderful @HollieCatRocks and SamtheCatRocks.  One is to be drawn from the donors to #Kitpawty; and the other is to be drawn from those who purchase from Nip and Bones on the day of the pawtyAll donations welcome both great and small - everyone goes into the draw.

Queen's Link bracelet under construction!

We have also donation prizes!! We have jewellery prizes, custom made pet necklaces from @MizzBassie AND........ all we need to rock Twitter is your company, your goodwill and we can raise some green papers to encourage Salina and @BabyPatches, and to let them know we love Nip and Bones!

Peanut models her @MizzBassie custom made necklace

 Check out Danapixie's prize, donated by Cheriswan - this is a sample - yours is made especially for YOU if you win!! ......


Nip and Bones will have pawty specials that Baby Patches will announce. Keep your eye on their Twitter feed.

Drinks List & Festive Fare

Welcome to Christmas in July
You will see that we have decorated the bar and tables with a festive flare - and don't forget to share your Christmas Cracker with a furiend!

Available from your furiendly barktender

With a hint of mousie

Pink Pussycat
A refreshing drink made with pureed strawberries,
served with a sprig of catnip

Golden Fang
Amber Ale with a rawhide swizel stick

Kitten's Whiskers
Delicious Bailey's Irish Cream Smoothie

Atomic Dog
Lemon Crush Cordial with a slice of apple AND A FRISBEE!

Raspberry flavoured toilet water

Red Snapper
Fresh and fishy

Available from your furiendly barktender

Bacon Flowers
Surprise her!

Crispy Leg of Mousie
Tender and juicy

Stuffed Budgie
roasted with vegetables

BBQ Steak
with rich gravy

sossidge & mash in a cone

Mousie Meatballs
kitty's favourite

Fruity Kebabs
for the strawberry addicts amongst us

Ewok Attack
Rich cream and berry coulis

Steamed Pudding
served with either a dog biscuit or a fresh mousie

We hope you enjoy the evening!